Dismantling ‘kind’ colonialism Permalink

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“Kind colonialism” operates on the false idea that colonisation is necessary, beneficial, and inevitable. The reason it became the dominant form of colonisa...

New Book: In The Court of the Conqueror

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ANNOUNCEMENT Artists’ Book Release Details In the Court of the Conqueror featuring Patty Ortiz with George Emilio Sanchez Curator & Editor, Cydney P...

Indigenous Craft Fair Permalink

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We invite everyone to visit the Indigenous Peoples Craft Fair on 17 April 2024 from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM on the Eighth Floor of the Church Center of the United...

Call for Artists

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Submit now Theme: The Religious Origins of White Supremacy:  Johnson V. M’Intosh and the Doctrine of Christian Discovery. Eligibility: There are no hard r...

Manifest Destiny

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Manifest Destiny is a nineteenth-century term designating an expansionist ideology grounded in the Doctrine of Christian Discovery and republican ideals that...

World Water One Permalink

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Ten years since the First Dismantling the Doctrine of Discovery International Conference held at Arizona State University West on April 19-20, 2013, the C...

Reappraising the Doctrine of Discovery

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The European doctrine of discovery principle, recognized as recently as 1986 by a federal district court as a legal fiction, nevertheless remains one of the ...

Tadodaho on language

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“They severed our tongues so we couldn’t speak our language then punished us for not being able to speak it.” - Tadodaho

On the Papal Bull, Sublimis Deus Permalink

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The bull Sublimis Deus was not retroactive. It could not be projected back in time. It could not remove the death, destruction, and dehumanization that th...

The Original Cancel Culture Permalink

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The idea that Chief Wahoo is somehow honoring Indigenous peoples and his removal is cancel culture is not only absurd but is the reinforcement of the mind...