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We are the Doctrine of Discovery Study Group

The Doctrine of Discovery has had profoundly negative impacts on Indigenous Peoples for the last 500+ years. Governments and various organizations have used the Doctrine of Discovery to justify the taking lands, the extermination of people and cultures, and the breaking of agreements and treaties. Since 2007 we have been reading, discussing and educating ourselves ourselves about Indigenous Peoples’ history, worldviews, and struggles. We currently have about 120 people locally, nationally and internationally on our listserv. They have an active interest in connecting the larger issues to the Doctrine of Discovery including climate change, the mistreatment of the earth, social and economic exploitation. Working with Indigenous Peoples locally and internationally we create forums to discuss and educate a wider public audience about this urgent issues. We share information about current developments and look for ways in which we can participate in a positive way through education, advocacy and outreach to create understanding and reconciliation. The group is loosely structured. They have an active interest in connecting the larger issues of the Doctrine of Discovery with specific events regarding Indigenous peoples locally and internationally. Our goals . . Ultimately we hope to influence the Pope to rescind the Papal Bulls as they established the precedence or defined the rules that underlie the Doctrine of Discovery. We hope that other religious denominations will follow the lead of the Anglican Church in the United States and adopt resolutions denouncing the Doctrine of Discovery.  

To join the Doctrine of Discovery Working Group listserv Dr. Philip P. Arnold at [email protected]


Philip P. Arnold, "Study Group," Doctrine of Discovery Project (30 July 2018), https://doctrineofdiscovery.org/study-group/.

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