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We are excited to announce the conference “Taking on the Doctrine of Discovery, What Are Our Next Steps?” at the Skä·noñh—Great Law of Peace Center, Saturday and Sunday (18-19 August 2018).  A conference fee of $100 will cover the rental of the Center, lunches for both days and a dinner of traditional Haudenosaunee foods on Saturday night.  This event is organized and sponsored by the Indigenous Values Initiative.

In 2014, before the Skä·noñh—Great Law of Peace Center had officially opened, we held a first conference titled “The Doctrine of Discovery: After Repudiation, What Next?”  About 40 delegates from different faith traditions attended.  This year’s conference builds on the 2014 meeting.  The Skä·noñh Center is now open and it is a good context from which to draw the values of the Haudenosaunee to affect positive change.  As with the previous meeting, we will first to learn about the devastating impacts of the Doctrine of Discovery first hand from the Haudenosaunee, to understand its history, and then to share strategies for addressing this 500+ year-old ongoing human rights violation.  Then we will hear from one another and the ways in which religious and faith communities are pushing back against the Doctrine of Discovery.  There will be a traditional foods banquet on the evening of Saturday the 18th followed by screening of the film “Spirit Game: Pride of a Nation” and panel discussion.

  • View the Tentative Schedule for Taking on the Doctrine of Discovery, What are our Next Steps?](https://indigenousvalues.org/draft-schedule-for-taking-on-the-doctrine-of-discovery/)
  • If you want to contribute a scholarship for others to attend the conference you can donate to the conference](https://indigenousvalues.org/give/).
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Indigenous Values Initiative, "Taking on the Doctrine of Discovery, What are our Next Steps?," Doctrine of Discovery Project (30 July 2018), https://doctrineofdiscovery.org/taking-on-the-doctrine-of-discovery-what-are-our-next-steps/.

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