“United States Indian Law” Panel

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_____. “Seeing through the chimera of U.S. federal Indian ‘trust’ law.” (PDF for Download).

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_____. A Brief History of Haudenosaunee Treaty Making and The Obligations of the United States to Protect Haudenosaunee Lands and to Not Disturb the Free Use and Enjoyment Thereof. (Download as PDF).
_____. The Citizenship Act of 1924 was an Integral Pillar of The Colonization and Forced Assimilation Policies of the United States in Violation of Treaties. (Download as PDF).
_____. Nations Are Sovereign; They Are Not “Tribes.” (Download as PDF).
_____. Statement on the Historical Use of the Doctrine of Christian Discovery by the United States Supreme Court Since 1823. (Download as PDF).

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Legal Case

U.S. v. KING MOUNTAIN TOBACCO CO., INC. DECISION 9th Circuit, August 13, 2018 (Download as PDF)

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