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The Church of the Brethern has repuidated the Doctrine of Discovery and more information about the statement will be available when the 2023 Annual Conference booklet is published.

Annual Conference Preliminary Statement

NB 6. Resolution – With Actions and in Truth: A Lament of the Doctrine of Discovery

Action of the 2023 Annual Conference: Annual Conference adopted Standing Committee’s recommendation that the Resolution – With Actions and in Truth: A Lament of the Doctrine of Discovery be adopted with two amendments incorporated in the final resolution.

The following text from Page 181, Lines 17-30 incorporates the amendments to the text in the 2023 Annual Conference booklet:


  1. That the Church of the Brethren commit to ongoing advocacy, dialogue, education, and relationship-building regarding rights of Indigenous peoples.
  2. That invitations be extended to facilitators of the Blanket Exercise from Kairos Canada to host sessions for Church of the Brethren leadership and staff and to present at relevant church events, such as Annual Conference.
  3. That attendance of Church of the Brethren leaders and staff at the National Native American Boarding School Healing Coalition’s conference be funded. Attendees may include Dine’ members from the community in Lybrook, N.M., Intercultural Ministries staff, and other denominational leaders.
  4. That the Church of the Brethren consult with Indigenous organizations and tribes to develop opportunities for congregations, districts, and the denomination to consider some form of reparation following the leadership of Native nations or organizations.

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