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”[Tonya] Gonella Frichner, Robert Williams, Jr., Joseph J. Heath, and Peter P. d’Errico have sounded a clarion call for the rescinding and repudiating of the Doctrine of Discovery and Johnson v. M’Intosh everywhere. Law professor Blake Watson calls Williams’s account a “criminal indict” that “presents evidence of the western world’s ‘discourse of conquest,’ and that is not an understatement.” Likewise, Heath is no less direct when he calls for the removal of the Doctrine of Discovery, and by extension Johnson, arguing that “with that ‘moral’ cover removed, we can then move on to building pressure on the United States government and institutions to admit that this racist doctrine has no place in a true democracy.” Heath, as the General Counsel of Onondaga Nation, understands well the Haudenosaunee influence on democracy and that the Haudenosaunee democratic principles present a compelling and powerful alternative to what d’Errico emphatically underscores as “Federal Anti-Indian Law.”


American Indian Law Alliance (AILA), "However, Extravagant The Pretensions Of Johnson V. M’Intosh by Betty Lyons and Adam DJ Brett," Doctrine of Discovery Project (23 March 2023), https://doctrineofdiscovery.org/blog/canopy-series-extravagant/.

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